As a part of our volunteer process, you must successfully complete a background check. In order to make this process quick and easy, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. requires that you complete the following request. By providing this information electronically it can be safely and securely transmitted to our background check vendor instantly. This enhanced process can remove days of waiting from the overall process. Please remember to do the following:

1)Complete all fields.
2)Use your legal name and information. If you choose to have any maiden or previous names searched in the additional names section, you are responsible for any additional fees associated with this search.
3)Review your answers for accuracy and spelling.
4)In order to receive a copy of your background report, you must check the box that says “Want a free copy of your report?”
5)If you have any questions or special circumstances you should contact the Regional Risk Management Coordinator at Do not contact the background screening vendor directly. All inquiries should go through the Regional Risk Management Coordinator(s).

Please note: If your background screening clears automatically, you will receive a copy of your report via email (only if you checked the box to receive a copy). If you do not receive a copy automatically, your background screening may be in an "in progress" status, which only means that your background screening is being reviewed. Once it is reviewed, a determination will be made to clear or not clear based on the Sorority's disqualification policy found in the Sorority's Risk Management manual. Please do not contact the vendor, Palmetto Security Services, directly. Direct all inquiries to your Regional Risk Management Coordinator.

Thank You,

Jacqueline A. Dillard
Central Regional Director
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